About Nic & Christiana

The founders of Door County Delivered, Nic and Christiana Trapani (formerly Gorchynsky), have many ties to Door County. Christiana grew up in Egg Harbor, and has a deep love for the county, the people and the local businesses.

In the summer of 2014, Christiana met Nic at Northern Sky Theater (formerly American Folklore Theatre). Nic took a job at the theater as the audio technician, and Christiana was working as the house manager. Fast forward 5 years. They got married in fall of 2019 in Egg Harbor… their happy place.

Their love of Door County didn’t stop there. They wanted to keep their love and passion for the county alive and going, which is why they created Door County Delivered.

Photo by Erin Jean Photography

About Door County Delivered

Door County Delivered is a service that supports local. We work with local businesses to fill each box with local products. These boxes get delivered to you with the Door County guarantee.

Door County’s charm is one-of-a-kind. Trust us, we get it. That’s why we started Door County Delivered – so we can deliver that charm to your doorstep, all year long, and for a variety of occasions. Boxes include gifts, custom designs, weddings, hospitality, corporate events, and more!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – support local. Part of Door County’s charm is the local and family owned businesses with products you can’t find anywhere else. Door County Delivered strives to support local businesses by gathering local products from various businesses and delivering them to your doorstep. When you support local, you’re impacting the lives of individual people. When you support Door County Delivered, you’re supporting Door County. 

Bring Door County Home.